SFS’s nautical commitment was born from an encounter,
a story of men and women.

Sailing is one of the last fields in which it is still possible to set up a project based on human relations. We set up a project around sailing because it conveys the image of team spirit, commitment and self-improvement, which are at the source of all great performances and there we find the same philosophy that inhabits us all at SFS. 

In 2011, we became partners in the 900 Nautiques de Saint-Tropez and discovered Lionel Péan. The idea of having a sailing boat for our communication naturally became essential. SFS’s commitment with Lionel is based on the sharing of values and sailing experiences. We benefit from the positive image conveyed by sailing but we offer our customers, partners and teams the opportunity to share the maritime experience by sailing on board. This is the best way to approach the slightly mysterious world of offshore sailing.

"The concept of performance is omnipresent when self-improvement is advocated. Beyond the programme, there is a will for results, progress and improvement. In this sense, Lionel is a real team captain, a leader of men both on land and at sea. He is a rock, an impressive quiet strength."