Olivier Gimmig

Lionel Péan then favours a very competent number 1, a complex and very exposed position at the bow.

A very competent Number 1, former member of Gabbay’s gang, the famous sailor from Marseille who was a specialist in round-the-world racing.

A good Number 1 must excel at sail handling and be very tough, a real force of nature, to withstand the constant assault of waves and the violence of the sea.  He is the one who climbs the mast if there are problems. He is the man for all complex situations on the foredeck. Olivier is a guy who works well in a team and is a rigger in addition to his skills as a sailor. Ropes and rigging frequently break during races and we needed a sailor with this kind of versatility, at ease on both small and big boats. This is a guy who really goes for it. He spent the whole 2014 season with SFS.