Jean Philippe Gallois
Jean Philippe

With his kind of background, Lionel Péan immediately recruits this native of Antibes, who is a confirmed sail expert, a top regatta sailor and participates in the technical development of the boat.

Jean-Phillippe Gallois is a sales engineer with North Sails France and has accompanied Lionel Péan in regattas for years. He is the “performer” on board, the person who optimises and improves all positions on board. He is also in charge of the mainsail and manages the entire sail programme. This programme is very complex and demanding. Jean-Phillippe is extremely efficient in his field and boasts a long list of sporting achievements aboard different boats.

He is as highly qualified in his sails field as he is in managing the development programme, which is essential for this type of boat.  He is the “performer” or mainsail trimmer on board.